2000 – 2004
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University  | Sociology & Art



"Mortality, Immortality and Artificial Intelligence"
Death is the consequence of the existence for every living thing. It's hidden information in mind or intelligence which cannot be transferred like other experiences. How do we program this fact into AI? What are the basic life strategies and can we really avoid death with art and history?
The cover by AI painter AAron developed by Kurzweil CyberArt Technologies, Inc.

2006 – 2007
Bogaziçi University | Cognitive Science M.A.

The Master of Arts Program in Cognitive Science aims at introducing the students to the investigation of  cognitive processes at various dimensions. It is offered by the cooperation of the Computer Engineering, Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology disciplines.
“Brain Computer Interfaces, Interview with Neurosky & Emotiv”, Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi 
(National Science Magazine of Turkey), 2012
“Brand new aspects to deeper questions on cognitive science”, Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi, 2011
“Ways of stopping brain”, Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi, 2010

2014 – Present
Bulus Bilis Sanat/Bilim Doğa Derneği (BuBi), Founder

POSITION: Event Management, Social Media Management, Head of Foundation
WEB: www.bubikadikoy.com

2010 – 2012
nerdworking, Researcher & Project Manager

POSITION: Project Management, Concept Development, Research, Networking
WEB: www.nerdworking.org
nerdworking is a network project which was founded in 2009 to research and develop unique software and hardware for artistic, commercial, experimental interactive media projects catered to public space, fair and performing arts. nerdworking’s network comprises several multidisciplinary artists, illustrators, designers, real-time animation designers, coders, mechatronics, robotics and electronics professionals. The core team's aim is to create a new experience between man, machine and codes.

“Yekpare”, Urban Projection Mapping, Project Manager
“Narkule”, Indoor Projection Mapping, Project Manager
“Mini Müzikhol Club”, Interactive Light Installations, Generative Coding & Visuals
“On Air”, Interactive Dance Performance, Producer
“The Crane”, Sound Reactive 3D Screening, Producer
“Vitra”, Experience Lounge, Producer

2009 – 2010
MYK Medya, Manager

POSITION: Project Management, Journalism, Video Producing
WEB: www.myk-medya.com

MYK Medya is a new media agency focused on video streaming service, IP TV and multi-media content. We developed digital magazines, daily technology news web page user generated video city guide for Nokia,  video streaming web page based on TV concept, retro video archive portal with thousands of use.

“Yahoyt Mag”, Digital Magazine, Editor, yahoyt.com, 2010
“Kurye Video”, Video Interview with Digital Artists ( Pleix Collective / Joshua Davis / Karsten Schmidt ), 
Producer televidyon.com, 2010
“Internet Safety”, Paper Animations, Producer, Turkcell, 2010
“Cloud Computing”, Paper Animations, Producer, EMC, 2010
“How to use apps”, Tutorial videos, Producer, Turkcell, 2010
"Future of Technology", Movie, Project Manager, Turkcell, 2010
“How to use iPhone”, Tutorial Videos, Producer, Apple, 2010
“Apple Street Research”, Street Interviews, Project Manager, Istanbul, Apple, 2010
Viral Marketing, Sony PS Slim, Project Manager, 2010

2003 – 2012 (Freelancer)
Sistemsensin, Editor & Videographer

POSITION: Editor, Writer, Concept Developer, Videographer
WEB: www.sistemsensin.com
Sistemsensin is a content publishing agency uses multi media tools to develop content/concept for different brands, and its own publication Basatap music magazine. Sistemsensin is mostly focused on digital publishing last couple of years. I’m still working for digital magazines as a freelance videographer.

"Basatap Music Magazine", Music Journalist
"Nokia CP Magazine", Journalist
"Whop Burger King Magazine", Journalist
"16ysk Garanti Online Magazine", Editor
"GBank Garanti Online Magazine", Editor
"Guzel Saatchi&Saatchi Institutional Magazine", Editor
"www.sehirseninderin.com // Nokia Fashion News Portal", Journalist
Electronic Beats Magazine, Berlin
Soundcloud, Berlin
Groove Magazine, Berlin
Benga & Scream, İstanbul
2562, İstanbul
Dubstep Turkey Scene, İstanbul
Pantha Du Prince, İstanbul
Lydia Lunch, İstanbul
Kode 9, İstanbul
Dub FX, İstanbul
Plaid, İstanbul

2001 – 2002
Parkyeri, Ericsson Crea-World, Content Manager

POSITION: Content Strategist (product and content network linking), Product Photography, Writer

Editor of Ko-Pilot e-commerce project developed in Ericsson Crea World.
Content Strategy
Multi-Media Content Development
New Media (Research & Networking)
New Media Concept Development
Community Management
Event Management
Video Journalism
Social Media Content Strategy
Adobe Softwares / InDesign & Photoshop & Premiere
Digital Publishing
Wordpress | Good
English | Fluent