FLO, one of the biggest shoe companies in Turkey, has restored a historical building into a new shoe-mall. The shop is on İstiklal Street which is a central point for all kind of cultural activities and also it was their 100th store opening.

Our work is more eclectic this time in case of being a patchwork of two companies’ approaches to marketing. Physical area also had enormous difficulties for the projections and audience perspective.

Story has no limited base. It’s completely separated partitions which every one of them is surprising. 15 meter distance across the buildings was risky for the performance and the audience experience. But we made it, somehow!

Producer: Elif Demirci & Erdem Dilbaz
Art Direction / Animation: Candaş Şişman & Deniz Kader
Animation: Murat Yüksel, Emre Parlak
Sound Design: Görkem Şen
Documentation: Volkan Cagalı