Last weekend, reality broke down just for a second. 

Virtual Reality is a very exiting medium for media / content workers.  Emerging technologies are transforming our perception limits by using technological surface. 

Let’s face with our screen addiction.  We love watching, reading and with the help of digital age,  we have a  layer of interaction. We upload, like, share, download, transform, and it shapes the way we live.  Cooking is now easier than before. People from all over the world share their own recipes and production methods.

VR, in particular, offers amazing possibilities for today’s designers and storytellers. Instead of  watching digital production on a screen, it is wicked to be able to travel inside. Reminding the architecture from the Matrix! Remember?

As a story teller, imagination explodes when it comes to Virtual Reality tools! So, last weekend i was at VR Lab in Istanbul. (BAU-University) Some friend asked me to test his game. It was a simple castle defense game with an arrow. But, all of a sudden, just a glitch moment, surface slided a bit under me. Just a moment. I was panicked a bit and felt the adrenaline rise at least. 🙂 Now imagine that you can slide the universe that you are in or  fly through Himalayas. This is a brave new world!

Get ready for my VR experience concepts!